Note that upper-level SFIA skills require organisational and managerial activity and experience that cannot normally be gained in an academic subject. For example, a claim that an undergraduate second-year subject in web development is at SFIA level 5 would be difficult to support. have achieved SFIA Level of Responsibility 5 (“Ensure, advise”) and be eligible for Professional level membership. SFIA Levels of Responsibility 4 and 5 are defined Table 1a and 1b below. SFIA Level of Responsibility 4 ("enable") Autonomy Works under general direction within a clear framework of accountability. Playing the game: HCI careers in the competency era. ... HCI careers in the competency era. Tom McEw an . ... Sfia level-5. Retrieved January 21, 2009 .

Redefine the future of your organization with a competency framework Long before RACIs add value to organizational roles, skills and behaviors need to reflect the desired organizational state. The answer to b) is that the skills in the SFIA framework provide a great deal of detail which you can leverage, for instance the SFIA skill descriptors and proficiency indicators can be used to outline the learning outcomes of any learning solutions that you have identified for development. level for each selected SFIA skill. LEGEND = skill level currently possessed = some skills possessed at this level but not all = does not possess this skill at this level = skill level possessed earlier in career Professional Skills Profile Category Sub Category Skill Code Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4 Level 5 Level 6 Level 7