One example of Predator and Prey are the crocodiles and the feral pigs. This is an important relationship as the crocodiles regulate the numbers of the invasive pig species. Another examples of predator and prey relationships are the Brushtail possums and Rats. Predators and Prey Predator/prey relationships The relationship between predators and their prey is complex and sub-ject to many variables. There are two general schools of thought about the role predators play in ecosystem management: Ecosystems work from the (1) top down (predator-driven) or from the (2) bottom up (prey-driven).

As a result, in predator-prey (and parasite-host) relationships, something called coevolution can often occur: when one of them develops a new offense or defense, the other must develop a counter ... Predator/prey relationships A unique predator prey relationship in the the Temperate Deciduous Forest is between the raccoons and the the small mammals. The raccoons will eat almost anything, so it is a predator to almost all the small mammals in the forest, which include mouse, rabbits, birds if they catch them.