re: Neoseeker Kit Of The Week Contest: Week 10 :Taking Entries! Cheers pal, the last couple of weeks in the old one has been really good with a lot of entries so I'm hoping it continues in this ... He played in Minecraft Monday with Technoblade, where they won with a record amount of points. This is likely the reason for their strong, pre-existing friendship. His outfit is mainly based on Kisuke Urahara, a character from the anime Bleach. As of Day 62, he is the richest player on the server, with his net worth amounting to over 3 million.

Honestly, I think they should have given the win to Mitch in week 7, (or was it week 6?) and not Skeppy and Badboyhalo. I feel like they would have won if Mitch didn't have a bad connection. Techno gets second place, despite having a below-average teamate* ADMINS: NERFFF!!!