Apr 27, 2019 · Let's see if I can teach you. Bengali is a very sweet language. You can learn it easily even if you have little knowledge about it. But the learning procedure is simple if you know Hindi or any other South Asian languages. May 09, 2018 · Ami ki tomay khub birokto korchi reply. (tumi je amay khub birokto korcho bole6i ki ami ta tomay)

Mar 26, 2009 · ' What are you doing' is the appropriate translation of the word in question. I supplement a few more : Ki korbe = what you will do ? Ki korechho = what you have done. Ki hoyechhe = what happened. Ki korbo = What to do?-ki kor chhilam = what I was doing. ki korchhile = what you were doing . Any more ? Dec 30, 2014 · Tokhon ar thakte na pere bole uthlam," bapi ki korcho ami na tomar meye.nijer meyer sathe keu eshob kore? Tachara ami tomake koto sroddha kori!" "sroddha tor putki diye vore dibo khanki magi.amar akhamba laurata roser gorto na peye kute kute morche! Ar tui esechis sroddha chodate!!"