Book a coach bus Learn more Because of, thousands of ticket holders were able to attend our inaugural Wayhome Music and Arts at Burl’s Creek Event Grounds. It was so popular that we expanded this offering to Boots & Hearts ticket holders. Im trying to create a booking system for a cinema, What i want to do is : open my csv with available seats, print it then ask the user what seat it wants, then the csv need to update taking away the seat, and then that seat gets added to the customers csv. Any code, any ideas would be great THANKYOU

User Table - containing an entry for each user who can book a seat on a bus. BusUser Table - transaction table containing a record for seat on a bus eg: if bus X has 27 = seating capacity, this table will have 27 records - each with the corresponding seat number associated with it. From a UI perspective, you display the bus user contents.