Although "Computer" part of Group Policy runs as a SYSTEM account, this applies to the target client computer, not the server where shared files are stored. Resolution. Give Authenticated Users "Read-Only" access to the network share where source files are saved. Also change NTFS permissions if i delete the folder and its contents(if so where do the reports go?) or just the content? i removed all the schedule's in task schedule and tried that but that did not work so i put them back (its quite easy you export them to a folder for safe keeping then import them back.)

Hey wmmayms Thanks for ur answer, it solved the problem. My problem was that i didnt update the Collection Membership. I've updated it manually and configured the scheduled task to do it once a hour. Thanks, alittlelouder /lukasI've used "Task Scheduler 2.0" library with C# code to make a simple desktop app, and then, I made a ".exe" setup file and converted it using "Base image-15063". After that, I installed and run it on 15063 OS. There's no problem. It worked well. The following is my C# code sample: